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The Prophet. Jeru the Damaja, goal is to fight ignorance and open the mind's of those who are listneing.
"Damn son, Jeru the Damaja speaks the truth. Dont even try cuz, you cant stop the prophet."
by the damaja December 21, 2009
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A term meaning "New Jersey" that was prominent in hip hop in the 90's.

However, it's origins stem from other slang for New Jersey.

"New Jersey" -> "New Jerusalem" -> "New Jeruz" -> "New Jeru" -> "Jeru"

Q: Where you from?
A: Jeru, son.
by p. smitty March 26, 2009
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Its another name for "jerzey" meaning drug related as if you were in a gang you would say this to your membaz and crew
like "nu jeru" "im gonna hit up da nu jeru fo muh drugz yo"
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