4 definitions by jacqeez

The act of defocating while in a full out sprint.
Dude, I'm about to hit a deuce jenner get the camera ready.
by jacqeez December 30, 2013
When you are taking a tinkle and you let one rip at the same time causing a fowl odor.
by jacqeez November 16, 2007

1. An atrocious fart that is so dense it lingers around for everyone to taste.

2. The act of putting your bare ass in someone's face and letting one rip, giving them a little something extra for dinna.

1. O boy, I hope your hungy because im cheffin up some cheek dinna.

2. Wtf, who's cheek dinna am I tasting?

3. What's that, little johnny had too much to drink...CHEEK DINNA BITCH!!!
by jacqeez February 10, 2011