7 definitions by jacobvandy

Anything. Can be a noun, verb, adjective... whatever. Used in place of more offensive words such as fuck, shit, bitch, ass, cunt, and whore. Most effective when used with latino accent.
You stupid potador, I want to potador that girl before I get all potador and die!
by jacobvandy March 19, 2004
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is owned by the PoTaDoR
the PoTaDoR is the chanh's worst enemy
by jacobvandy March 31, 2004
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substitute for ho or whore. with this you can call people names without them realizing it.
by jacobvandy March 26, 2004
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see hoebag or hobag

this spelling is copyrighted by jacobvandy, all rights reserved
you say hoebag, i say howbag, BEOTCH
by jacobvandy May 23, 2004
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u r such a gigasmic tard

holy crap! that girls ass is gigasmic!

how are gigasmic babies born?
by jacobvandy April 1, 2004
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some ppl of asian descent have this, it is when your eyes are squinty and you have little to no eyelashes, leaving a smooth slit where your eyes should be, resembling a vagina
you betta sleep wit one eye open foo! someone might hump you in your eyegina!
by jacobvandy April 24, 2004
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terrifically whore-some

see chanh
wow, just wow
by jacobvandy April 5, 2004
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