3 definitions by jackjimturkey

Acronym for poorly built Asian deathtrap. Usually a small crappy four-cylinder car from japan, almost never made my Subaru.
Q: Hey Jack, can you give me a lift to the junkyard in your 7601? My pbad broke down again.
A: Didn't it just break down last week?
R: You know how these hondas are
by jackjimturkey May 30, 2007
A family car -- however, if you put a "L" on the front, you can make a brain-dead loser think it's a luxury car
Is that a luxury car?
No, that's just a toyota camry, like the one in my driveway. What car doi you have?
A silverado.
Can you give me a lift to the junkyard. My camry needs a new cylender head
by jackjimturkey May 30, 2007
Toyota's faux-luxury division; the cars are all either rebadged Camrys, Cressidas, Crowns or Land Crusiers. CR and other racist idiots call them luxury cars, but compared to a 760i, it becomes clear what they realy are
Q: Why did you by that camry> for another $19k, you could've gotten a "Lexus."

A: nah, I'll buy an "L" for the hood next week, and save the other $9,995 for the repairs I know I'll need

by jackjimturkey May 30, 2007