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Acronym for poorly built Asian deathtrap. Usually a small crappy four-cylinder car from japan, almost never made my Subaru.
Q: Hey Jack, can you give me a lift to the junkyard in your 7601? My pbad broke down again.
A: Didn't it just break down last week?
R: You know how these hondas are
by jackjimturkey May 29, 2007
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p.bad is a sort of acronym to resemble "pretty bad". Essentially, it means the noun before is bad, crap, rubbish, etc. Would mostly be used in text form rather than in a voicechat. Think about it, saying p.bad through speech sounds a bit autistic doesn't it?

It's got some complete other meanings to it but this is how me and other people use it.
Person A: "Man this game is fucking dogshite"
Person B: "I mean it's not awful but it is p.bad "
by Rxndezvous July 20, 2018
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