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A Nissan Engine used in japan in the 180SX, Silvia (S13,S14 and S15 models) Also in the Pulsar GTi-R, aveneir and Blue Bird. it stands for..

SR (series model) 2.0 (liter) (D)ual over head cam, (E)lectronic fuel injected, (T)urbo.

This engine is sometimes referd to as a Redtop or Blacktop due to its valve cover color in diffrent years. You can tell a newer S14 or S15 model Sr20det by its slant in the valve cover and black color.

This 4 cylinder engine is capable of 400 horsepower with stock internals.
I have a SR20DET in my 240Z
by j-Gates May 26, 2004

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Also known as the Savanna in Japan, it has 3 generations.

1st gen - FB3s
2nd gen - FC3s
3rd gen - FD3s

The Rx7 was only one of the many cars that were powered by the rotary engine. Dr. Ing. Felix Heinrich Wankel invented this type of engine in the 1950's. This design was bought by Mazda and used in many of they're automobiles from the 1960's - today.

12A (1.2 liter twin rotor n/a) 13B (1.3 liter twin rotor n/a / turbo) and 20B (2.0 triple rotor n/a / turbo) are some of the rotary engine codes that are well known. The engine sits just behind the Rx7’s strut towers making it a true front mid engine car which gives the car great handling characteristics and the proud owner bragging rights. The turbocharged rotaries are terribly unreliable and in reality have to be overhauled every 70,000 miles. The apex seals are one of the weakest points in the motor, second warping the rotor housing from over heating occurs very often. These cars have terrible gas mileage and are not pleasant to drive behind with your windows down. A rotary engine burns oil from the factory to lubricate the rotor housing walls. Failure to pamper these cars will result in a blown engine very early in the cars life. These cars have a very hard time passing smog tests with high milage.

Rx7’s are great cars from beginning to end, I love them, but I already have a girlfriend that needs enough maintenance.. my 240Z does me just fine.
Hey look another flame shot out of that Rx7's tailpipe.. what a surprize.
by J-gates April 28, 2004

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Japanese Aftermarket parts manufacture for over 30 years. Also competitors in D1, JGTC, Drag and road racing to promote they're products and tuning capabilities. HKS was the first company to create an upgraded turbocharger for production vehicles.

HKS stands for Hiroyuki Hasegawa, a former engineer for Yamaha Motor Company, and his partner Mr.Kitagawa, the two secured a capital infusion from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd.
I have many HKS parts in my Sw20

I saw the HKS 180sx run a 7.1 1/4 mile pass.
by J-gates April 28, 2004

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180sx (RPS13) in Japan is the same chassis as the 240sx hatch back in the US. The 180sx in Japan is equipped with either a CA18det or SR20det power plant. In America we were cursed with the KA24de power plants in all 240sx’s. These cars are known for they're impressive handling and controllable over steering characteristics. Dori Dori Dorifto-Monkey!!
I mainly use the power over drift in my 180sx
by J-gates April 28, 2004

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