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Destroyed in 2010 by an earthquake.
Dude1: Hey, dude! Did you hear that on the news? Haiti has been destroyed by one of the biggest earthquakes of all the times!

Dude2: Oh my gosh! Are you fucking kidding me? It's terrible!
by imfreakishlyyours January 16, 2010

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A depressed person that always tries to pretend that she's not depressed anymore while she still is.

When she pretends so, we call it a "fake shifting".
Tommy: mom, can I stop taking these drugs? I don't need them anymore.

Tommy's Mom: you can't, Tommy, you're depressed and I don't want you to kill yourself.

Tommy: that's okay mom, i'm not depressed anymore. I feel good, now.

Tommy's little brother: he's a liar, mommy! Look at the cut marks on his arms! He's still harming himself!

*Mom looks at the cut marks*

Tommy's Mom: why are you trying to lie, Tommy?

Tommy's little brother: that's because he's a fake shifter!
by imfreakishlyyours January 17, 2010

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When you fakishly sympathize with a socially-rejected person to look like a kind person and improve your self-esteem.
Andy: hi Jimmy the Nerd, do you wanna come at my house tonight?

Jimmy the Nerd: hmm, why not.

Random student1: oh!, look at Andy! He's holefilling with Jimmy!

Random student2: yeah, he's improving his self-esteem.
by imfreakishlyyours January 17, 2010

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