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michael is a fuckface and likes short girls even though he could have a great tall girl
fuck you michael, you like short girls
by illfuckyourmom420 April 01, 2019

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after you do molly and you need to shit so bad it’ll make you run to the closest bathroom
dude after i did molly last night i woke up with crazy bad molly shits, almost wrecked my pants
by illfuckyourmom420 April 14, 2019

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the biggest joke to walk on this earth. no one really likes her they just pretend to so they can hit her vape. Hannah is so annoying in every way possible and likes to try to fuck every football boy, but really they all think she’s a slut
me: omg that’s so gross you fucked that football boy, hannah montgomery slobbed on his knob

kelsie: EW i probably have chlaymidia now

everyone: ew hannah just told me she failed her test 40 times in a row, no one cares
by illfuckyourmom420 October 17, 2019

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