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Straight hair is boring most people have straight hair, its pretty much non descript. Its just straight, whereas curly is crazy and corkscrewy and bounes all over the place.
Allthough neither is better curly is more attractive
I hate having straight hair I wish it was curly like Leona Lewis'
by ilikefrenchies May 24, 2011
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An Incredibly beautiful and talented British singer capable of hitting ridicliously high notes with ease. Often compared to Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celene Dion
I heard Leona Lewis' song on the radio today it was fetch
by ilikefrenchies May 24, 2011
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Allthough the most common they can be incredibly beautiful if they are dark, especially on a tanned person. When you look into them its like your falling into soft deep rich belgian chocolate.

Often you see them on spanish, or latino people and man do they look georgeous!
Yeah man, its those dark brown eyes... mmmm sexy AND mysterious
by ilikefrenchies May 24, 2011
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