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involves being over-competitive and leading people around schools stressing "it's important"
"stop being such a shapley!"
"he pulled a shapley on me!"
by iliart November 25, 2009
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a person that smells bad, pervs frequently, over-compensates for a small penis, enjoys raping small people, electrocutes himself for pleasure, believes he's a ladies-man and "sleep-wanks"
"you're such a swadling!!"
by iliart November 25, 2009
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1. Used to express disappointment or anger.
2. Used as a replacement fro the word "bad" in a sentence.
3. Used as an insult.
1. "Oh, BARNABY!!! I failed the science test!"
2. "You're so Barnaby at football"
3. "You're such a Barnaby!"
by iliart December 07, 2009
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