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An extremely gay trend sweeping our nation. It consists of posers who for some reason think it's cool to be illiterate and act dumb. They often talk about "dinos" and think it's cool to say "balls" and "crunk" and "hxc!". They usually end words with "z's" (ex: ballz). Also, they will give a word many extra letters that are unnecessary. (ex: heeeey whatssss upppp?) Plus, they have a very lame sense of style. Their style consists of shirts with obscenities written on them or a robot or dino or lightening bolts. Either way, it all sucks. They are the reason hot topic is corrupt these days and filled with gay crap like "invader zim" or "domo". It's quite annoying, actually. They like to say that they are original but they aren't because everyone else has been doing this same trend much longer than them. They also like to say they hate stereotypes but then they create it for themselves. Haha. They wear "cruuunk jewelry" that they find at claire's. It's usually dumb beads that are of neon color. They swear that they are the coolest people around but they are so oblivious to the world they can't see that they are SO ANNOYING and people hate them. The girls are usually dykes and have short nasty looking hair with very poorly cut choppy hair. Or, it's very long and they are what I call "prep-scene". This is a branch off of normal scene kids, taken over by preps. They are obsessed with all of the same things a normal scene kid is, but they also have a weird obsession with peace. It's not like they actually care about a cause, they just think it's cool to use a a fashion trend. A lot of scene people constantly act as if they are unsure of what their sexuality is. They say one day they are bi, then the next day, they're gay. Suddenly, they're straight. They will do anything for attention and are myspace whores. They are also whores in general sucking any dick or pussy in sight. (They don't know their sexuality, remember?) For an odd reason, they assume it's cool to have random outbursts such as screaming "MEEP!" "OMFG!", etc. They add tons of people they've never met on myspace just because they are "sceeeene kidz, yo!". Their myspace's are so irritating and filled with random pictures of dinos, alex evans, vampires, etc. They often post bulletins on myspace telling people everything that has happened in their lives as if they want someone to be jealous when no one cares. They are annoying fools that are attention cravers and honestly need a life.
Person One:Lyyyykeeee omfgz! I saw this new movie today and I was like- (interrupted)

Person Two:RaaWWWWR!

Person One:OMFGEEZE totaLLY cruuunk!

Person Two:We're Scene Kids!!!!!
by ihatethescene March 20, 2009

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