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if you tell non-kpop friends (including family) at you like kpop, you will get stared at weirdly and silently if not judged out loud.
me: what type of music do you listen to?

dumbass: well i like duaritos lips rake nicki minach sardine b taylor swifter etc... and you?
me: kpop
me: i also like western pop mus-
dumbass: ew, you like those chingchongs? what's that group called? ATS? AIDS? REDPINKIE?
me: you mean BTS and BLACKPINK?
dumbass: ew you are so kpop trash
me: no i told you i also listen to western-
dumbass: you like rice?
me: yes
dumbass: pasta?
me: yes
dumbass: eeeeewwww! you are such a koreaboo, you like rice and noodles!!!! EWWWWWW I HATE KPOP! I HATE YOU
me: what? pasta is not noodles
dumbass: well technically it is, it's based off of the same formula there for, in the encyclopedia of HDLJALKDO you are a koreaboo
me: *breathes*
dumbass to other dumbasses: *after knowing i like kpop* EWW KOREABOO!!! SHE BREATHED KPOP
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019
a shit kpop entertainment company that holds hostage pristin and after school. seventeen is lucky to have made it big in the music industry knowing that they are managed by pledis. they got successful bc they are the one of most talented boygroup i know. stan seventeen girlies
pledis ent: *breathes*
carat 1: wow pledis fucked up again
carat 2: bring us pristin back or im suing
carat 3: *praying* god thank you for keeping seventeen safe once again from this vicious monster names pledis... thankyou for keeping them successful... im asking once again to bring pristin back or to debut a girl group with kaeun and yunjin
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019
shut the fuck up you dumb dumb bubble gum lookin ass
pers i hate: *blinks*
me: stfuyddbgla
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019
a grilgroup i stanned since debut but who has been on hiatus for almost 2 years now after only doing 2 successful comebacks. manages by (shitface company) pledis. pledis doesn't deserve its talented trainees. kyulkyung owns my heart.
pledis: *breathes*
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019
it's a good app depending on where you go on this site... an app where you can read ebooks written by hormonial horny teens. You can either be on the good part of this app, or the dark unholy part of it...trust me i've read the weirdest shit... really recommend 10/10
friend 1: I read the best book on wattpad, it's called the bad boy and the nerd. it's about a bad boy who is handsome, smart but doesn't show it and comes from th richest family of town. he barely speaks to his parents. he crosses path with the nerd of the school, she gets bullied and she gets abused @ home.
friend 2: i have wattpad too i read this book and i find it so good. What about you friend 3? what books do youy read?
friend 3: * gulps nervously hidding the smut book about trump* well, i mean... i-i-i like the "getting adopted by 1D group" books... so yeah.. i don't read weird shit don't worry.
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019