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Middle School (n.) MID del SKOOL
1.) The place where your self-esteem will turn to shit. You will sink into a depression and feel more alone than you have ever felt in your life. Drama awaits around every corner. People hook up, do drugs, make out, cut, drink alchohol, and a number of other stupid things, so they can look back and feel “mature”.

2.) The place where you will find yourself backtracking on every promise you have ever made yourself in elementary school. "Be yourself?" "Be unique?" "Don't care about popularity!" Ha! Good luck, kid. It'll be harder than it looks when you're trapped in a cement block full of 400 hormonal preteens.

3.) Junior High Facebook consists of a.) posting "cute" pictures of yourself online, b.) constantly rubbing in the fact that you are Having More Fun than everyone else, and c.) constantly rubbing in the fact that you are "sooooo close" withh all of your "BFFS... or should I say, Sistaas!"

4.) The place that kids are extremely excited to go to at first-- lockers, new teachers, feeling like adults. Soon the novelty will wear off and you will see it for what it really is... a shark tank. With very bitchy sharks.

6.) If you are not popular, you will hang out on the sidelines making cynical remarks, while secretly feeling like crap and wishing you ARE popular. If you ARE popular, you are constantly fake-smiling and pretending you are perfect, while secretly STILL feeling like crap.
Middle school is hell. I can't WAIT to get out of here.
by ihatemiddleschool July 30, 2011
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