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A PL-Drama is a Polish TV Series/Drama that indicates romance, exorcism, religious stories, ext.

A1: "Woah I love this PLD!"
A2: "What's a PLD?"
A1: "Polish Drama / PL-Drama"
A2: "Do you recommend them?"
A1: "No, they're kinda homphobic"

A1: "Wow, ja tak lubie ten P.L.D!"
A2: "Co to jest P.L.D?"
A1: "Polskie programy telewizyjne"
A2: "Czy ty to polacasz?"
A1: "Tak! Ja tak nie lubie gejow"
by igorpleaseshutup January 14, 2021
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When you can't be bothered to do something.

Acronym: cba
I can't be assed to do the homework.

Another example:

I couldn't be assed to do the homework.
by igorpleaseshutup November 9, 2020
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British slang for Underwear.

Used when you are talking about someone you either don't like or you're best friends with them and you're just messing about.
"Omg, we can all see his fat underbunder from here, I am uncomfortable."

"Get your fat underbunder off that chair!"

"Please take you and your assed underbunder out of here."
by igorpleaseshutup November 9, 2020
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