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Carly Rae Jepsen is a popular, Canadian singer/songwriter who is most known for her songs Call Me Maybe, Good Time, and Tonight I'm Getting Over You. She placed 3rd place on Canadian Idol, which jump started her music Career. She has an amazing, unique, smooth, beautiful and gentle voice that is most evident in her first album "Tug Of War" and during her Canadian Idol audition. She is a rising artist which will eventually be HUGE around the world!
Girl: Hey do you know Carly Rae Jepsen?
Guy: Ya bro, I love her song Tonight I'm Getting Over You!!
Girl: Same, but I like her older music too, her voice is so soft but unique.
Guy: Really? I'm going to go listen to it now, I'm a huge Carly fan.
Girl: Same, I'm her #1 fan!
by IdOntCare March 29, 2013

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Used to indicate admiration or approval. A pun on the word dominant.
Bubba is a doominant name.
by idontcare January 18, 2007

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For all those who keeps saying bae means poop in danish.
You’re wrong.

yes, "bæ" is the danish word for poop, hardy harh, you’re so hilarious.

But bae is an acronym.

It means Before Anyone Else.
Even if “ae” is the international wording for “æ”, it doesn’t mean that you can use it to change a goddang acronym. They cannot be changed.

So you’re wrong.
And take it from a danish person, you’re also really bloody annoying.
Sure, I dislike all of the unintelligent people who ruin the acronym by thinking it’s short for “babe”, but that doesn’t mean you have to use my language to ruin theirs, does it?

Bae is not a word. it cannot be changed to bæ.
You wouldn't change Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
So why change Bae (Before Anyone Else)
by Idontcare November 13, 2014

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