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A sudden, abrupt bowel evacuation. During the two seconds of literally emptying your entire intestines, you visualize the world's fastest train sucking through a long tunnel. "shhhhhlurp-bam!" 200mph like a sneeze out your ass.
"OMG, that STD medicine worked hella fast, but I almost didn't make it to the toilet before I had an Ass Sneeze!"
by hygeinefag July 28, 2009

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A mugging and/or mob attack by people who follow up with an alibi containing the word, "dindu". Contrary to the claim that this is racist, it is about a speech impediment which spans across the spectrum of violent youth. It refers to a behavioral association, and calling it racist is just cultural appropriation on their part.
Onlookers wanted to show other people how badly the kid got dindu-stomped by a huge mob of youths, so nobody called 911 in time to stop the beating.
"Aw damn, they got a white boy! Somebody call someone! Damn! I'm too busy getting this on video!"
By the time mall security arrived, the boy lay groaning unconscious after being kicked and stomped on the head, ribs, vital organs. The mob had dispersed and the only remaining were just there to make sure nobody snitched.
by hygeinefag August 27, 2018

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A straight, bi, closeted, and/or perhaps later on a very, very gay male who is deeply in to theatrics and performing arts. His real persona tends to be extremely gay, and the roles he plays as an actor tend to look like a ballet of gayness.
Does everyone but himself know what a limp-wristed thesbianhe is?
by hygeinefag September 06, 2009

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