2 definitions by hxhsks

heyy you see maya and harry, they are just by far the best couple everrr
by hxhsks June 29, 2021
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Maya: minding her own business in her room

Lena: runs into Maya’s room and starts dancing in the mirror

Maya: “LENA please could you come out’
Lena: “NO you can share this mirror with me, mum even said”
Maya: “well then I’ll go use your mirror then”
Lena: “sure yours is better anyways”
Maya: grabs lena, walks to her foot, throws her out, and shuts the door behind her
Maya: “finally done”
Lena: “MUMM DADDD” *cries*
to say it simply, Lena is in love with Maya’s mirror, Maya and Lena are just both pathetic (mostly lena)
by hxhsks June 30, 2021
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