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Means important but used as an adverb
Most importantly, this house is worth only a dollar!
by humanitariangirl4life September 1, 2014
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Makaylin is a girl that is unique, after all, she is the only girl with this name! She loves her family and is hilarious!!! She likes to draw things and says the word totally. She is also very sporty and loves soccer, waterpolo, baseball, and other sports that require skills that no average girl could do. She is independent and has her dreams even if they seem unrealistic she accepts the challenge. This girl is very special, she doesn't think if herself as pretty or anything but she is, and she doesn't realize how intelligent she is either. Most importantly, she doesn't notice how her eyes shine in the sunlight. She is tough doesn't care what others think. Although this girl is tough, she is very sensitive and can cry right in front of of you. If you have seen this girl or have been lucky enough to have met her, you will be left with a smile on your face because you feel warm from being around her. She has many friends although not popular, everyone knows her name. She helps anyone out when you are down, even if you have crossed her, she will always be there because she is the most forgiving person. She is shy, and gets bashful when you embarrass her. This girl is a sweetheart and showers her kindness to everyone. She is absolutely the girl guys want to marry some day because of her kind and warm personality and of course her cuteness; which makes her so outstandingly BEAUTIFUL!
Omg it's Makaylin! We love her!! She is a sweetie!!! Love her hair too wow!
by humanitariangirl4life August 28, 2014
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Warts are tiny calaces in your hands and feet that sometimes are viral and can spread to legs, arms, and face. The only way to kill them is by freezing them which can be painful depending on the skin area. When you freeze them they turn into a nasty dark blue and purple color and it will take a week to heal.
Oh man I gotta freeze them yay!!

Shows friends "I got some warts burned off"

Shrieks "Eew are you a witch??"

Shrugs "Apparently"
by humanitariangirl4life August 25, 2014
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Eyes that are blue-green-gray possibly with orange or brown spots which seem to change color based on the lighting, clothing, makeup, and reflects off surroundings.
Person asks "What color are your eyes?"
I reply "Blue-hazel."
Person asks "What color would that be defined as?"

I answer "Well, it's not hazel because hazel eyes are brown and green mixed together, such as a caramel apple. Blue-hazel eyes are blue eyes that are green and gray with orange or brown spots in them, and they also change color based on the lighting and what they wear."
by humanitariangirl4life June 20, 2015
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