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No Fault Found

Technical support term meaning all is well, the end user is to blame.

See also PEBKAC
NFF, EU hasnt got a scooby-doo.
by hoolio February 08, 2005

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A distant relative of simba, the one eye cat owned by the Andrade family.
......there isn't one
by Hoolio August 02, 2003

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A human with a unusual sized penis attached to their forehead. Only a small percentage of the worlds population is subject to this unfortune.
Oh my god Ethal, you're a wang head too!
by Hoolio July 31, 2003

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A U.S. version of a mexican pimp. Rarely seen around his house.
Any hawaiin who has any similarities to that of a mexican bumb but has the same attire of a modern day street pimp.
by Hoolio July 31, 2003

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