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To give a blow job
To gobble the knob.
To polish the knob.
To lick the loin.
To render head.
To stimulate the male external genitalia via the oral activity of a partner (or an incredibly talented and flexible individual male).
While you fags have fun at Dartmouth, I'll be at State where the girls are half as smart and thus twice as likely to fellache me.
by hmsbgle April 25, 2009
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Stupid beyond all belief, reason, and common sense.
Can you believe that website tried to tie Hitler to Darwin and Huxley? As though they were somehow connected? How stupifuckindickulous is that?
by hmsbgle June 04, 2010
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Being temporarily unaware of oneself and familiar others following a return airline flight that crosses multiple time zones.
I live on the East coast, and when I woke up after my first night back from the West coast, I saw may husband and thought, "who is that," then I knew I must have been the victim of Jet-Fugue
by hmsbgle May 30, 2009
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Any douchebag character from the 1960's animated television program "The Jetson's."
"Well, Mr. Spacely, I wouldn't have mixed up the orders if you weren't such a douchebagitron."
by hmsbgle May 18, 2009
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