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Ball pythons, also known as royal pythons, are probably the most amazing snakes EVER, to keep as pets. They tend to be a little shy and are amazingly docile, perfect for beginners. They come in various colors, or 'morphs,' and they are all beautiful; from the normal or the chocolate to the lavender albino or the piebald. They are insanely adorable and really develop their own personalities! They're great :)
Person1: Dude, did you hear that Sally got a ball python?
Person2: Ugh, really? Snakes are so gross, especially those.... I mean, they like squeeze stuff to death....
Person1: Are you kidding me?? Ball pythons are freaking amazing!!!
by hey people May 07, 2012

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A verb.
To caress someone with an expression that is sexual, creepy, and calm all at once...during a situation in which sexual and creepy should not apply. Often used by those who offer emotional support with the intention of getting in your pants. Badly-timed, highly-sexual flirting.
Shauna: So, last night when I was really down Bobby touched my arm...do you think it was flirting?
Jennifer: Honey. Babe. Girl. Bobby is a notorious fuckboy. All he ever does is fele! He might as well have said:"I'm here for you baby, but I'm also here to be inside you in 30-45 minutes."
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by hey people June 23, 2017

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