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An expression used when getting drunk off of Jim Beam, referring to Star Trek. When one says "Beam me up" They usually intend to get drunk to the point that they may as well actually be "beamed up," because they intend to be completely incoherent, and trying to carry out a real conversation with them would be almost impossible.
Scotty: Dude I just got a couple bottles of Jim Beam!
Ted: Shit dude! Beam me up!
by hare bear September 08, 2010
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A sarcastic expression used when a person uses the word "we" when they should have actually Used the word "I." Or when a person says that "we don't" do something that at least one person is actually doing. This expression is used to totally catch the offender off guard, rendering them incapable of coming up with a response to the awkward comment.
Teacher: "We don't eat in here"
Jim: "Who's we, you and that Turd in your pocket?!?
Teacher: 0_o (What the fuck?)
by hare bear September 08, 2010
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A police officer in the San Antonio area. If you live in San Antonio and you ever look at the name tag of a cop it is almost always Sanchez. This also applies to the park police.
Hey Bill, did you just see those Sanchezes in the parking lot? They were driving around in the dark without their headlights on! Those Sanchezes are sneaky bastards!
by hare bear September 08, 2010
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