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Noun. That mess left in your sheets after a long bangin', and your woman's creamy jizz dries on her and then falls onto your sheets. Resembling that someone with severe psoriasis just slept in your bed.
Related to the snail trail, but not a smear.
Guy: Dude, what the hell is all that crap in your bed? Are you really sunburned?
Friend: Aw man, no. You remember how I told you how my girlfriend gets super-wet? Well, I was pounding that ho for a couple hours and then we fell asleep. That's just "pussy crumbs".
by happy diver March 06, 2011
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Term used to describe one who is in all crazy in love with a Ginger (or daywalker).
Hey, where's Bob, I thought he was coming out tonight?
No, he's still "Gingified".
Aw man, why is he so PW over that Ginger?
by happy diver February 15, 2011
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What happens to a super-hot young Mexican girl between 19 and 30 years of age. That inevitable mysterious 60+ pounds that turns a "10" into a "2" in just a few years.
Hey, Pedro, who was that chick you were with yesterday?
That was my sister, Maria. You know her.
Wow! I didn't even recognize her. What the heck happened to HER?
You know, man. The tortilla bomb went off after she got out of high school.
Wow, she got as big as a house, dude.
Yeah, I know. She eats everything in sight.
by Happy Diver November 02, 2011
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That untimely irritating dump you have to take immediately following getting out of the shower.
I would rather take a dump before I get a shower because I hate dropping a "greasy slider" after a shower.
by happy diver March 08, 2011
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Noun. The jiz prize given to a woman to reward her for a good hummer.
"Hey honey, want a Vanilla Slurpy?"
"Okay, I guess it IS hummer week."
by Happy Diver September 14, 2011
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noun. Term used to describe over-inflated outer pussy lips. Commonly found on a woman who was really fat at one time, but now she is much thinner. She still has a big fat snapper. When a chick loses weight, the hooters are the first to go, but the snapper usually stays big and fat.
Guy: Dude, you're ho looks great since she lost all that weight.
Friend: Yeah, I know, but she still has a big "pouty" hangin' on her. Look at that big bulge in her shorts.
by happy diver March 06, 2011
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