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Where a fully grown man or woman still has their baby teeth which makes their smile look almost cartoonish because they might still be sucking his mothers titties.
Dave: Hey Devin, I gotta ask bro, have you ever thought of going to the dentist to make your teeth closer together?
Devin: I have a condition where my baby teeth still haven't fallen out.

Dave: Oh you mean titty teeth?
Devin: I don't suck on my moms tits anymore you assclown.
by hammertime03131987 July 19, 2015
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Blindly swiping right or tapping like in Tinder to everything and everyone without regard to how attractive or unattractive the persons profile displays.
Derp: Dude, you just swiped right on that wildabeast!
Yolo Swiper: Yeah fuck it, I'm yolo swiping. If we match, I'll filter her out later.
yolo Tinder swipe
by hammertime03131987 November 07, 2014
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Sucking dick badly. Referring to how protein from a mans semen come from humans, which are animals, vegans cannot have products from animals.
Dude, that girl was being vegan last night
by hammertime03131987 March 31, 2009
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