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"I'm an addict for sneakers, 20's of buddah and bitches with beepers" -- NAS (New York state of mind 1994).
by halla November 14, 2003
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the one spot on a surfboard on which the surfer has centered between his/her legs for the best control and manipulation. usually this spot is found by holding one side of the surfboard rail out in one hand and trying to find it's center of balance.
find the sweet spot on your stick and the ride will feel tight
by halla June 10, 2005
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1) (n) A "deuce deuce" is a .22 caliber handgun.
2) (n) 20 ounce of liquor.
"About to get loose with the deuce
deuce" -- Ice Cube (Gangsta fairytale II 1993).
by halla November 14, 2003
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Fresh Off the Border
Most likely used to describe a stereotypical person who looks like they are of Hispanic or Latin origin and illegally or legally immigrated to America. Usually a word used in Texas because they are bordering Mexico. Usually they can be spotted easily because of their unAmericanized habits. Even though they may not be Hispanic or Latin, you would refer to them as a FOB because they:
a) can't speak a lick of English
b) drive a banged up truck with lotsa junk in the back
c) are the nicest Hispanic or Latin people you have ever encountered
d) say "eh-" before any English word they know
ex. eh-coke, eh-tomorrow
e) have 7 fob kids that can't speak a lick of English
f) look like a Tejano
g) only carry cash, LOTS of cash, and they can only accept cash
h) are seen at every yard sale and they beat the garbage man to the pile every time along with their 7 fob children with them
i) have incredibly dark skin and jet black hair
j) never have insurance
k) their only assets are their 7 children
l) do not fit in well with Americanized Latin or Hispanic society
m) "vote for pedro"
n) que?.....pinche wedos.....
Shit man, I got backed into by a fob today, that fob didn't have insurance of course.

Damn, I've never seen so many fobs all over a trash heap before.

Them fobs just had a ball at that garage sale.

Dude, look at how many fobs are in the back of that truck.
by halla June 9, 2005
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