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Any automobile of asian origen which has been carelessly modifyed by a person with an IQ equal to the capacity of the gas tank. Usually classifyed by a paint job that would have blind men running to gouge their eyes out, enough Nitrous Oxide to make Hiroshima duck and cover, and an exhast pipe that would appear to have enough diameter to launch a watermelon over the Effiel Tower.

Recommended location for such a phenomenon:

Under the tire of a vehicle that actually is more threatening and powerful than an electric razor
Nuf said...
by Gurt March 18, 2004
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she is so cute. she is such a PIMPETTE, but she is sooo cool. no guy will ever deserve her, cuz she deserves the best most perfect guy that you would never ever be able to find. all the guys try so hard to be great for her, but she is just a goddess, queen of the world and all the guys
Bayan Salyeh
by gurt April 10, 2003
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such a hottie. she is soooo cute. i love her sooo much. she is nice and pretty and everything any guy would ever want. lol. what a luvable hugable gal. any guy would be lucky just to lay their eyes on her
she goes to the i.a.
by gurt April 10, 2003
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hey hey. this is a sexy beast. man o man. every guy wants to get with her. ow ow!!!!!!!
Cute stuff
by Gurt April 10, 2003
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she is so hot. i want her. lol. she is way tooo sexy for any guy. lol. she has every guy after her though (or at least all the ones who are not after bayan).lol. she always dresses so cute.
Yaman Al-Hadidi
by gurt April 10, 2003
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An 8ball is a mix of heroin and cocaine.
"We railed an 8ball in the bathroom of the club." - I can hardly believe someone took 3,5g of coke all at once in the bathroom, as in the 1st definition of 8ball.
by GurT January 25, 2005
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