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A small company founded in 2004 in the garage of Andrew Lee Shepardson, that makes custom computers. It stands for "Team Dragonfire." Don't ask why.
Don't you love those Skyline comptuters by TDF Studios?

Dude it's leet!
by guerrilla March 30, 2005
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const struct option long_opts={
{"broken-crc", 1, NULL, 'b'},
{"source-port", 1, NULL, 'B'},
{"no-defpayload", 0, NULL, 'D'},
{"delay-type", 1, NULL, 'd'},
{"enable-modules", 1, NULL, 'e'},
{"show-errors", 0, NULL, 'E'},
{"help", 0, NULL, 'h'},
{"interface", 1, NULL, 'i'},
{"packet-timeout", 1, NULL, 'L'},
{"mode", 1, NULL, 'm'},
{"module-dir", 1, NULL, 'M'},
{"no-patience", 0, NULL, 'p'},
{"pcap-filter", 1, NULL, 'P'},
{"covertness", 1, NULL, 'q'},
*`Q' is Covert for Covertness, If you rot13 Clandestineness The fith character
* Is `q' (Your count starting From One of Course), if you Rotate This option
* List Upside- down (Counting only the Lower Case Options) go past Five Option
* You arive Here. It should be Obvious Why.
Surley, A Kitty is a Kitty is a Kitty.
by guerrilla November 29, 2004
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guerrilla unit; soldiers of the street fighting for what they love........ money
lloyd banks is a real life guerrilla he does what he has to do to get money
by guerrilla November 25, 2003
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