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I Am Surprised I Have To Explain This

Often used ironically
LOL means Lots of Linguini. IASIHTET
by grapes September 02, 2004
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When I said Cruise was a nutbag, I didn't mean it literally, HTG.
by grapes July 20, 2005
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Spanish for "it surprises", when someone is unfamiliar with a common thing/notion/occurrence, usually used in a derogatory sense. Can be an adjective or a noun.
The apocraphal story of George H. W. Bush's sorprende experience with bar code scanners--he was reportedly amazed by the technology in a modern grocery store, because of his "elite" status. Snopes says it is false.
by grapes September 02, 2007
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Back Of the Envelope, a rough calculation, said to be made in a hurry on the back of a scrap of paper, see BOEC
How much is gravity on the moon?
My BOE calculation is about 1.6 m/s/s
by grapes July 18, 2004
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