A short vacation, usually with new love interest
Me and my new boyfriend are going on a mini-break this weekend.
by Hovorka68 August 4, 2014
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When you are a girl and you have a new friend that's non binary but was born with female parts and you text them asking for help on a math question and then you think your flirting but then after a bit of texting and then the friend says something like yea I do that especially with my friends and your listening to music the whole time this is happening and then when the friend says that a few seconds later Heather's by Conan Grey comes on and you just had a mini heart break because they said the word friends when you thought you where flirting 必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必必
Mini heart break victim: Yea I was just texting with Dannie( not real person) and I thought we were flirting by they said no im just really affectionate with my friends when I said did I make you uncomfortable and now I'm sad as hell

Random friend listening: yea it sounds like you are a mini heart break victim my friend
by I'm a possums ass August 27, 2021
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