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A woman who lives off of her husband also known as a parasite wife.
A woman who pretends to be of value while sucking the blood of everyone around her. She is usually overconfident and believes her own stories and publicity.
Usually a waste fears being discovered by everyone. The fear is symbolic of her life therefore a waste of time because everyone knows she is a pathetic parasite especially the one person who knows her best- her husband.
If her children have any sense they know she is a waste too unless they are wastes
A waste is very bossy, yet demure and namedrops whatever she can to make sure you know she is not a waste
She usually surrounds herself with other wastes
wastes belong to a club surrounding themselves with other wastes none of the wastes will admit they are wastes privately they go home and think they are better than the wastes they hang around with.
All of a wastes power is derived by inheritance.
Awaste has all the advantages and sucks every opportunity dry because they are lazy, stupid depressed assholes.

Most wastes invent medical conditions to get out of work
Most wastes have an arsenal of stories they tell in order to create the illusion that they are popular and productive.
Wastes are usually waiting for the other shoe to drop- the husband or friends to dump them once they discover how petty, treacherous, devious, lazy and worthless they really are.
I ran into that waste the other day she whined about her shoulder, her back and bragged about how rich and popular she is. She is nothing but a waste.
Guess what the husband finally got the balls to leave his waste wife. Now the waste has something to talk about that is real- the waste got dumped.
I spend an entire evening at that wastes house she prides herself in being stupid, quiet resembling a lump. Everyone thinks that waste is a good woman- she has no other choice to pretend to be good- she has nothing to say- she is a waste.
by golferoftheyear February 07, 2010

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