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A weed smoking accessory made from a toilet paper roll stuffed with scented laundry sheets. The smoker blows the weed smoke through the tube, filling the room with a fresh scent!
Hey, don't forget to use the bounty tube cos my parents are home.
by goellegee November 10, 2013
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An expression used to fill a pregnant pause when someone simply says "so" either as a way to start a conversation (but is not sure what to say) or as a reply to something they are not impressed with.

Also can be referred to as "Sew buttons on your underwear."
Example #1

Girl #1: So...?
Girl #2: Sew buttons.

Example #2

Girl: I just had a 5 minute conversation with Stephen Fry at the mall!
Boy: So?
Girl: Sew buttons.
by goellegee January 3, 2014
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A way for one geek to tell another geek that they don't share the same geek knowledge or reference.
Guy: Did you see Episode 234 of Star Trek where Riker and Picard....
Girl: Sorry, that's not my geek.
by goellegee January 3, 2014
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