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The pea-sized(normally) organ inside the vagina, in English, clitoris.
Se-jin, my South Korean boyfriend, usually licks my tinggil for hours, until we fuck and fuck and fuck all night... his tongue is good on my clit, but his long, fleshy, hard cock is better. AAaaaaAhhhhh..Se-jin! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!
by gobiL May 15, 2007
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Long and fleshy penis as large as a horse's; said to be 5-7 inches long and 3-4 inches wide if flaccid, if erect, 10 inches or longer, and 5 inches or wider.

In the Philippines, where majority of the population is Asian, and therefore are relatively less endowed compared to Caucasians, Africans, or Black Americans, there are certain families and clan groups that are considered "gakabayo". These clan groups are usually ethnic minorities although some of them are Pampango, Cebuano, Chavacano and Tagalog. These clan groups whose male population possess the "gakabayo" endowment are said to have had contacts with the Africans and copulated with them. This resulted to Filipino clans with male population possessing the "gakabayo" penis.
Bruce's member is gakabayo. Basketball players are known to have big cocks, but we can't deny the fact that Bruce's mother comes from one of the Gakabayo clans.
by gobiL April 17, 2007
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Palaugat literally means veiny, or veins pronounced on the skin. In context, palaugat in Cebuano, a Philippine dialect, means an erect penis (that is usually bigger than the average) with veins oozing out on the penis' skin, like that of a horse's.
I don't know, Shaun's Korean, but he really is a palaugat. Yeah, he's tall, and tall people are rumored to have big cocks, but this Korean, this Shaun, aside from having a nice, long, fleshy cock, he definitely is more delicious because of his palaugat cock. I guess the sex that we had last night was one of my best ones so far.
by gobiL April 17, 2007
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