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A rare find. An often misunderstood and conflicted woman who is both mysterious yet honest. Lenora's are enthusiastic, fun, classy, curious, intelligent, and courageous. They are often known for their good taste concerning all avenues of fashion and design. A Lenora often looks for friends, partners, and relationships that will offer large amounts of affection and love, but in return the creature is extremely generous with her own affection, time, and love.

Despite their excellent qualities they may not be for everyone. Jealousies from other parties often arise. Lenora's, each in their own way, are certainly individuals with strong characters and opinions. They are also vistims of their own pride and insecurities.

Lenora's enjoy the company of others and are open as well as friendly. For any Lenora good food and good company promise moments of happiness and laughter. Any woman by this name also has a theatrical streak, showing great magnetisim either through their intuitive sensitivity or when telling stories. (These personalities often "preform" their anecdotes, and are aware of the presence of an "audience".) At the same time they exude their strong independence and revel in alone time.
"She has a Lenora type personality."
by goalUNITED October 26, 2011

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