4 definitions by glopezsez

Someone living a simple life, close to nature. Usually breaking consumption societies’ norms.
The unsettler not only started a garden in the yard, but now their hosting an indigenous peoples’ film night and inviting everyone one in the he cul-de-sac.
by glopezsez April 21, 2019
Another term for Anus. Derived as being located next to the taint.
Taint's neighbor let out an ominous howl and a rancid stench quickly filled the room.
by glopezsez October 12, 2006
Agribusiness corporation which attempts to patent the genetics of heirloom variety fruits and/or vegetables.
These agrivulture companies should stick to genetically modified crops and leave the natural heirloom varieties alone.
by glopezsez November 18, 2009
An energy intense economy that relies primarily on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas that are derived from dinosaurs, plants and other prehistoric biota.
Industrialized agriculture exists within a dinosaur economy because it relies on petrol chemicals to produce herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers as well as lots of fuel to transport food hundreds or thousands of miles via planes trains and automobiles before it is consumed.
by glopezsez October 19, 2011