I'm so unsettled. Imma eat korean spicy noodle. F**k, that makes me even more unsettled.
by KieranCYH December 1, 2019
The feeling of being disturbed and restless, living a day in the life of man bag.
by Septic jones December 15, 2011
Enjoying life as a single person, and not looking for a partner.
"Why dont you have a partner?"

"Because I am consciously unsettled"
by Miss Dublin January 17, 2022
The opposite to settling down, bringing

spontaneity and freedom into your life
"Why don't you have a partner?"

"I'm consciously unsettling down"
by strawbvaml January 15, 2022
Someone living a simple life, close to nature. Usually breaking consumption societies’ norms.
The unsettler not only started a garden in the yard, but now their hosting an indigenous peoples’ film night and inviting everyone one in the he cul-de-sac.
by glopezsez April 21, 2019