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a sport where young-in-shape bodies do hard tricks and manuvers with batons, but make them appear easy so nobody is really interested. The "twirlers" wear way too expensive sparkly costumes in attempt to draw more attention to them then their competitors. Usually suffer from head,fingers, and sometimes face trauma. Pay hundreds of dollars to win a few trophies and hang out with friends. Give good-luck gifts to people they dont even like to be a "good sport". They spend more time practicing or in a gym then they do living normal lives, and usually they love it.
similar to gymnastics or dance.
I practiced for 6 months and so i got a really big trophy at my baton competition!
by gl!tter January 08, 2009

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A pen that is usually a fun, out of the ordinary pen color. They are wet when you first write with them but once the ink dries they are amazing. Some come with a hint of sparlke in them so the ink turns out shimmery. Elementary school teachers like to grade papers with them. Little kids go crazy over them. They make anything look more exciting to read and they can write on black paper and look snazzy.
"is that a jell pen?"

"heck yes its a jell pen, why do you think i got an A on my report?"

"woww. i need to get some of those!"
by Gl!tter January 08, 2009

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