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A beautiful girl name given to one who is very loyal, caring and loving. Her beauty goes beyond the physical. She likes to spend time with her friends and family. Anisa loves her family a lot she is determined to work hard and protect her parents. If you ever come across an Anisa don’t let her go Anisa will support you in everything you do! Anisa is extremely intelligent, funny and always a blessing to be around. She will make dua for you and Anisa will never betray you. If you are friends with Anisa, you will always have a friend who won’t judge you and if you’re married to Anisa your life will always be joyous. She will bring peace and happiness to your life.
Wow, I heard you got married to Anisa! You must be so happy!!
by gigiliachon March 23, 2023
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Jhus is a East London rapper and grime artist. He is associated with stormzy mostack burna boy dave .His sounds varies between many styles including Afro beats and rnb. He has a nice tone and his raspy voice is well appreciated. People mostly know him by his songs; dem boys paigan, friendly or did you see. Jhus calles himself ugly however also sexy. He's a very talented young artist on the verge of gaining more and more attention and success. Btw ily ;)
Definition j hus is a rapper
Example "Do you know who j hus is? Yes like him I like my Fanta with no ice"
by gigiliachon December 20, 2017
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