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Jill is a special girl. You think she knows nothing but she knows everything. Although she is nosy and bossy sometimes, she knows how to handle a situation in a kind attitude. She knows how to end and win an argument. She is nice at most times but if you mess with her heart, it may be hard to get her back. Jill is the type of girl who doesn't have much friends, but the friends that she does have, she makes a huge impact in there life. If you ever find a Jill in your life, make sure you keep her in your heart. Make sure you don't forget her. And definitely make sure you don't break her. You will regret letting her go. She is independent. She is brave. She is loving. She is caring. She knows how to say no.
"I wish I had someone in my life to love who is strong and loving at the same time."
"Get a Jill!"
by getinloserweregoingshopping July 03, 2017

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Toothpaste is an hygiene item that everyone should use. It saves your life... and other peoples lives. It would be great if you woke up in the morning and immediately brush your teeth. It sounds very simple, because it is very very simple. Its not that hard people. All you have to do is get up and go to your bathroom and pop out that toothbrush and toothpaste and get to working. Thank you all for your cooperation! And I hope you feel amazing when people are actually talking to you now. (:
"Ew whats that smell?"

"I think its Becky.. she hasn't been using her toothpaste. I don't even think she knows what that is."
"Oh dang, i'm going to go over there and tell her."
"Be careful!"
by getinloserweregoingshopping July 07, 2017

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Deodorant is a hygiene item that you need to use. Do you know what sweat is? You probably do because your not wearing deodorant. Do you want BO? ("Body Odor" incase you didn't know) If you don't want BO then wear DEO. Its not hard at all. All you got to do is wake up go to wherever your DEO is... or go buy some at the store real quick... then open it and swipe swipe on your pits. I hope you took this definition as a tip for a better life. Once you start wearing it, people will probably start hanging around you now. Isn't that great! Just one simple task can make a miracle happen. Amen. Anyways, thank you so much for reading this, I'm actually really glad because I can smell you through the screen. Just kidding.
"Girl, you smell extra good today! What is it?"
"Oh, thanks. Its a thing called Deodorant... you should try some."
"Yes I should.. wait did you just say that I smell bad?"
by getinloserweregoingshopping July 06, 2017

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