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Farts can be and should be used as weapons. after sitting on a creamy brew for some time, one will impress or scare his/her buddies by grasping both thighs and spreading them like that of a praying mantis' arms, the fart will then explode out the anus causing a smooth or chunky stream of awesome for all to taste.
chris: no!
JP: yes:)
Jermain: time for a farting mantis!
Onikka: ew thats odd but great!
by funky rabbi December 01, 2011

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The Crimson Fist is A manimal superhero who resides in a small canadian suburbia...he uses unorthodox methods to ensure crime is fisted...and fisted hard...he spreads the cheeks of harm and blasts them square in the hole, his fist is so powerful that jacky chan, chuck Norris and even hilary clinton quiver with fear. He fist fucks the face of asians, africans and sand people...while leaving no mercy for the incestually stanky people of portugal. He penetrates every woman with the power of a horse and then says goodbye with a davastating donkey punch. He fists crime while listening to the safety dance and trusts his side kick Fysty McGee, an irish leprachaun with a fist of gold...together they live in a lair complete with their own pet homosexual...semeno...like the avengers, but much more pointless the fist bros join forces with the amazing Romanian Rectal Rocket...who was actually born in germany but resides in canada as well, together they show crime what a solid ear fucking is, and cream on the face of any penetrator of evil
man child: hey im in trouble!!
the crimson fist: ill fist crime!!
by funky rabbi August 18, 2011

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when someone out of anger uses their scrotum as a weapon, thus by rubbing someone elses belongs on it or touching the sweaty sack then touching a desired person.
he got so mad at frank that he took his sunglasses and scrotamised them
by funky rabbi May 11, 2009

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it is when you are runnng and as you our running one of the testicles collides with the leg or other testicle, causing extreme pain
he ran down the stairs and had a massive testiclash, he couldent get upp for 10 minutes
by funky rabbi May 11, 2009

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