11 definitions by fucktard

Someone that you just owned is a shitzo

My w00t goes out to rob!!! :D
by fucktard August 7, 2004
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n. a man, most likely inebriated, pulls out his pockets, in order to create the effect of elephant ears, and then removes his uncircumsized penis from his pants. He then must place a lit cigarette into his foreskin. This is the trunk of the smoking elephant. To finish it off, a loud elephant noise must be made to get the attention of everyone around to see "The Smoking Elephant."
Then that drunk asshole Robb did the smoking elephant. We got kicked out of the bar, but it was worth it.
by fucktard September 6, 2004
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Something that kicks serius ass.
Person 1:Look at that kalkalash!
Person 2: Yeah, its so snajding!
by fucktard August 7, 2004
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Sticking ones nose up another mans arse hole.
Fillipe sticks his nose up his mothers ass to make the food smell better.
by fucktard March 20, 2004
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