16 definitions by fuckshit7j7

when you make a fucking circle around the S key
kid, supposed to do homework: types in sdewqazxc
parent: fuck, send him to goddamn therapy
by fuckshit7j7 April 9, 2022
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Reality: something you say when you dont agree in something
UD: nothing
Bored kid: I know what the definition of No is, so im gonna search it up on urban dictionary!!!
by fuckshit7j7 April 12, 2022
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You though you found it first, well, stay mad.
You: types qwertyuiopazsxcdvfgbhnmjkl
Classmate: the intense boredom I’ve seen
by fuckshit7j7 April 10, 2022
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that one annoying kid who won’t shut the fuck up complaining about the homework
Homework reminder: HEY TEACHER!1:1

teacher: Wtf do you want
Homework reminder: what about the homework?
Students: shut the fuck up!1,1
by fuckshit7j7 March 7, 2022
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A mentally handicapped human being who loves to rage about the Simplest things in the Transit Community.
broomstick: I can be racist when I want to
by fuckshit7j7 June 7, 2022
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Why are people looking for the definition of a fucking period?!? It’s 1 dot.
by fuckshit7j7 March 8, 2022
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