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A romeo pimp is a sex trafficker that instead of forcing, they try to get young women to fall in love with them so they can be influenced into taking part in the sex business.
Mom: Always be careful, you don’t know if he’s a romeo pimp or not.
by fuck me not the climate March 7, 2020
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too smart he/she went over the IQ spectrum
Nah 180 IQ is too low, lets bump it up to 300 IQ
by fuck me not the climate September 20, 2020
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Lil Yachty is the third city girl, imagine him writing all city girl's lyrics
by fuck me not the climate January 29, 2021
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A totalitarian society where you can't chew gum.

A society where customer service does not exist.

A society that has homophobic laws.

A society that pressures people to die while studying.

A society where the citizens think they are good at speaking English when they are actually just... bad.

That's about it.
You going to Singapore? Nah, Hong Kong is the SHIT.
by fuck me not the climate February 9, 2020
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