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underwater jew in the show spongebob squrepants
mr. krabs is an underwater jew
by froobinator August 25, 2007

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the shitty new pop/hip hop that floods the radio. Ringtone rap is any of the singles from non-talented rappers such as d4l, mims, dem franchize boyz, huey and any of the other so-called rappers that all sound alike. Most often heard as tool-ass teenagers' cellphone ringtones, or on the radio for two weeks every other song. songs like this are the reason i smoke cigarettes.
amber: OmFg GuRLLL I hEaRd DiZz HaWtTt JoInT on DuH RaDiO gUrL iTzZ cAlLeD dIs Iz WhY iM hOt GuRl!!
katie: DaAaAaAmN gUrL iZz GoOd! LeTs DrIvE aRoUnD oUr SuBuRbAn ToWn PlAyInG iT rLy LoUd!!

sensible person: if you bitches play that ringtone rap around me i'll kill you both.

by froobinator August 25, 2007

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to rip massive ass, to fart, to
(kids sitting in a car one of them rips ass)
by froobinator September 10, 2006

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a way to smoke weed. first, take any normal can, and make a bend in it halfway through, steep enough to hold weed in it. then, with a knife, make 3 slits in the can and place the weed there. take a lighter, light the weed, and place your mouth on the hole you would usually drink from. inhale
we didnt have a piece so we made a coke can pipe
by froobinator September 10, 2006

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when you're smoking weed and after inhalation, before you suck in the extra air, stand up and tilt your head all the way up and suck in the air.
duuuude i was with my buds by the river..we did elevator hits out of a coke can..fucked us UP!
by froobinator September 09, 2006

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an italian-made switchblade. has a button on the side and when pushed, the blade comes out the side of the handle
i scared the shit out of ross with my stiletto. he nearly shit his pants
by froobinator September 11, 2006

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An outstanding Phish song. It is the seventh track on their first studio album, Junta. Unlike most Phish songs, (The) Divided Sky sounds better on the studio version than it does live. Some people disagree but I personally haven't heard a better divided sky than the one from Junta.
I listened to Divided Sky and I was overwhelmed with an undescribable ecstatic feeling.
by froobinator August 14, 2007

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