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when someone sends a text, most likely when they are under the influence, and the recipient can't make out a single word that they were trying to say mostly because the sender has lost the ability to spell.
Drunk Sender: Hie budbie, can u gixe mi a rido himo?

Reciever: What? This is a total text MESSage!
by fossybear123 May 29, 2009

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a man or woman who looks like a crossdresser, but you can't be certain.
"Is that person in a dress a man or woman?"

"It's a transvestmight."
by fossybear123 May 21, 2009

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A douchebag walking around with a bluetooth head set on. Most likely having a conversation way too loud as he looks at you funny for listening to his phone call.
This guy walked up and starting talking to me. I responded but then he just stared at me and got upset that I was interrupting his call. Turns out he was on his douche-tooth.
by fossybear123 July 31, 2010

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