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When your driving in your car whether it be alone or with a group of friends and you suddenly get an erection that wont go away. There is only one solution to this problem...The CarJack. Which is rubbing one out without your passengers knowing or crashing.
"Dude I was on the road for 9 hours and I totally CarJacked."

"So I was on a road trip with the boys and everyone was sleeping so I totally did the Car Jack"

"My girl thought road head was dirty so I pulled the CarJack"

"My girlfriend has braces and I only had my permit, so I parked and Carjacked it like there was no tomorrow"

"It was Xmas morning and not a car on th road, everyone was sleeping except for me and my carjack"

"I totally tried to CarJack my buddies car and he wasn't very happy"
by foSho and Hasselhoff November 29, 2009

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