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Declared improvement that makes a task more difficult than before, when it was perfectly fine.
They keep working on the old interface until it became a real dimprovement. Now it requires scrolling on each input.
by floyd-humphrey September 28, 2011
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Apparent erosion of the English language. Habitual overuse of a comparative "like" to conveniently reduce a circumstance to a description or verbal illustration. Also preemptively excusing one for not having come up with a better matching expression. Customary decline in readiness to making a commitment to a statement.
Seems to have been invented by Paris Hilton, but now being used by like everyone - oh.
Dearticulation of finding an unexpectedly long line of people: "I was like walking down the street and saw like a hundred people standing a the gate, and I was like - oh my Gosh!
by floyd-humphrey December 20, 2010
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Outcome of the Superbowl, contradicting the own or common prediction, expectation, or hope for the winner.
Have you seen the game yesterday? That was another blooperbowl...
by floyd-humphrey February 09, 2010
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