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4 definitions by flkjhfkjh

a game played during car rides amongst people. everyone looks out the window and the first person to spot a VW beetle, or any VW yells "Punchbuggy!" and punches opponents in the bicep
anyone who spots a VW Bug Right there! Punchbuggy! *punches other players

Hey lets play Punchbuggy! Hey lets not because that game is retarded
by flkjhfkjh October 24, 2007
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a catchphrase from some old 80's tv commercial for LifeAlert, a device geared toward the elderly that supposedly was supposed to save them if they became stranded. usually an old woman says it
old hag -"Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

mustachioed dispatcher- "We're sending help right away!"

tv shows ambulance racing down street
by flkjhfkjh October 24, 2007
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In skateboard culture, usually a rail that bends partway thru or at the very bottom, i.e., its not completely straight. theyre hard to grind and if possible its best to cut them off
rowley just front lipped that kinked rail: gnarly!

ima cut the kink off that rail and back smith it
by flkjhfkjh October 24, 2007
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In the drinking game of beer die, biz is when the dye is thrown and stops rolling with five showing on the top. You are not allowed to say the actual word five to describe how the die landed tho, so you must say biz. then you make the other team take a sip of their beer
die thrower- "Hey man what did it land on?"
opposing team member says reluctantly- sigh, "Biz"
die thrower- "hah drink up bitch"
by flkjhfkjh October 24, 2007
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