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Darwin project or sometimes known as just Darwin is an underrated game made by blizzard. It is on Xbox, play station and windows for free. This game is like a combination of Fortnite and Minecraft where you craft armour, axes, traps and many more. There are 16 in a lobby with a host that give advantages to the losing players. If you don't want to play then you can host a game
boy: hey do you want to play Darwin project
by flipping dog March 24, 2020
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the name that you give to an older brother or really close older friend that is really close to the victim. They normally sleep together (no homo) and do everything in one room (if they are the friend they have sleepovers all the time). Homies is the name of the duo but singular it is bigbroski or litllebroski!
Homie one- hey bigbroski wanna head on Call of Duty
Homie two- yeah littlebroski I am up for it
by flipping dog June 5, 2020
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