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The act of smiling at someone when they have just said something hateful to you, so as to show that the statement has not had the desired effect and you have not displayed the emotion that they hoped to elicit from you.
Domenica tries to hurt Shane by making critical statements of him.

Shane puts on presidential smile and does not respond to criticism.

Domenica returns look with confused facial expression.
by flightyzeus June 09, 2013
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When you become so isolative in your life, that you enter a cocoon, becoming self sufficient & not reliant on others.

You care not for interaction of other human beings as they bore the tits of you.
Any small talk attempted by strangers will incur an involvement of involuntary vomiting towards them & onto them.
Dave - I have not seen Jeff in weeks?

Joe - He`s cocooned man. He has entered the twilight zone of his own mind and no one is invited.
by flightyzeus July 20, 2012
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Whenever you become offended by something that is generally considered to be too insignificant to really offend.
What do you mean, they`ve cancelled Veronica Mars, this is a nowtrage.
by flightyzeus June 26, 2012
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