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A phrase said to someone of the opposite sex when telling them that you are in the mood for sexual intercourse. Synonymous with "im feeling playful" and "i want to have crazy sex with you."
guy: i want to play
girl: maybe later *winks*
by firecrackerjoe June 27, 2009

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A term coined by Rayne Summers of leasticoulddo.com

It is the action of skull-fucking a man so hard that his great grandchildren occasionally reach to the backs of their heads and say "ow"

essentially changing someones genes with your cock
Skull-fucker: "Oh yeah! take it!"

-hundreds of years later-

Some random guy: "Ow! what was that?!"
Random guys friend: "thats generational sodomy!"
by firecrackerjoe August 14, 2009

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